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    H I S T O R Y

Relationship to the Seminole
Relationship to the Miccosukee
1833 Map of Florida
Cultural Archives
Scientific Accomplishments of Seafaring Chontal Maya
Ancient Trading / Current Colonization Routes (bearing ancestral and cultural
      ties to the land)
    - Calusa Territory

    - Miccosukee Deity
(the feathered or winged serpent)
    - ILOPANGO - the language that I speak

    - 2012
    - Legal Counsel Chronology of events (see excerpt)
    - Interview with Morton H. Silver, Legal Counsel to the Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole
      Nation (stay tuned)    

    -  An Assumption of Sovereignty
    - Election Notice 2009! (stay tuned)

    Stay tuned for available hyperlinks to the following categories

    - Political Sovereignty
- Florida Historical Quarterly References

Contemporary Authors
Archeological Data, including the Miami Circle

Human Genome Diversity Project
Legal Brief(s)
Interviews - audio & video
Mayan Aztec population in Florida Peninsula

     - The Mutating (Florida) Miccosukee (Chameleons)
    - Letters of authorization and recognition
    - Microcosmic Revelation


The Quetzal must remain in its natural habitat, it cannot be domesticated or remain captive...otherwise it will die!
(See also: Seminolee)

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