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1833 Map of Florida

1833 Maya (Miccosukee) Aztec (Seminole) & Mosquito Territory

Florida Seminole Lands, 1834

Description: Digitization provided by the USF Libraries Digitization Center. Rare Maps. This is a map of the Seminole Indian Reserve lands, circa 1834. It is a portion of a map of Florida that was originally published in William Darby's Memoir on the geography and natural and civil history of Florida. This map also shows the Seminole Indian territory which includes some of the central counties from Sumter to Highlands. It also shows towns and inland waters such as Lagoona Maya or Lake Okeechobee.
Place Names: State, Seminole, Opitactoy, Okehamkee, Hillsboro River, Hillsborough River, Lagoona Maya, Lake Okeechobee.

Source: William Darby, Memoir on the geography and natural and civil history of Florida
, PA: Thomas H. Palmer, 1834) 
Map Credit: Courtesy of the Special Collections Department, University of South Florida.


Before being called Lake Okeechobee, it was known as Mayaimi by the Native Americans.  Europeans called the lake such names as Espiritu Santo Laguna, Lake Mayaca, Lake Macaco, and Lake Sarrope.)
Information Source: Historical Society of Palm Beach County.


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