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Reported in the book,
"The Hell With Politics"

(Scanned Image Archive)

The Hell With Politics Cover edited.JPG (9743 bytes)
"The Hell With Politics,"
The life and Writings of Jane Wood Reno, Attorney General Janet Reno's mother
p. 108

There are some distinctions, aren't there, between Muskogee Seminoles and Miccosukee?

     That's kind of fascinating.  There are remnants of two Indian tribes here now, Miccosukee and Muskogee, and they speak two different languages.    But not too long ago Howard Osceola [Co-Chairman] said to me, "Jane, you know, there are still some Spanish Indians in the Everglades."

     And I said, "Really?"  You know, the Spanish Indians, the ones we read about in history, are Calusa.

     And Howard said:

"They say there are some still out there -  of course this is historical legend - that don't speak any language we know.  I've never seen one but my mother and daddy did.  And there are supposed to be some living out there on the hammock."

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