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CHRONOLOGICAL of  MICCOSUKEE INDIAN EVENTS  1950 TO DATE  (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “MICCOSUKEES”)  by MORTON H. SILVER, Attorney at Law  (hereinafter sometimes referred to as ‘SILVER”) et al.      
This summary can best be appreciated by the following excerpt from a story written by reporter Bob Reno (brother of Attorney General Janet Reno) about the Miccosukee problem handled by Silver et al.,  published in THE MIAMI HERALD,  on September 21, 1958,  p.1F, 4F,  col. 3, [1]   quoting, in part,   a great authority on Indian Affairs,   Congressman   Joshua R. Giddings, of Ohio, summarizing in 1858 the actions of the United States in the introduction to his treatise “The Exiles of Florida” (at [2];   or equally, as well as more currently, the astute observations of a very perceptive journalist Jane Wood (coincidentally, the mother of the said former US Attorney General), who likened the Miccosukee conflict as a microcosm of the contemporaneous  (cold-war environment) “world events” [3]

    Florida was purchased; treaties with the Florida Indians were made and violated; gross frauds were perpetrated; dishonorable expedients were resorted to, and another war provoked. During its protracted continuance of seven years, bribery and treachery were practiced towards the Exiles and their allies, the Seminole Indians; flags of truce were violated; the pledged faith of the nation was disregarded. .. .

    Men who wielded the influence of Government for the consummation of these crimes, assiduously labored to suppress all knowledge of their guilt; to keep facts from the popular mind; to falsify the history of current events, and prevent an exposure of our national turpitude. 

   The object of this work is to meet that state of circum­stances; to expose fraud, falsehood, treachery, and other crimes of public men, who have prostituted the powers of Government . . ., at the contem­plation of which our humanity revolts.” (Italics supplied.)  


Prior to 1513 – Before encountering the early European explorers, the Miccouskee nation owned, occupied and hunted throughout an area of land bounded on the west by the Mississippi River, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico, on the east by the Atlantic ocean and on the north by what would today be described as the northern boundary of North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and into Lousiana.  Some of these lands were owned jointly with other tribes, nations and confederacies, and are said to have descended from the Mayas of Mexico and the Yucatan.

(see also: Vol.6 Florida Historical Quarterly by, Frank Drew and P.9 of MSN Identity and Rights Brief by Silver & George John Miller)

-  The Seminole Tribe (originally called “Lower Creeks”) came to Florida; which was then already owned, occupied and controlled by the Sovereign Miccosukee Nation (See P.1 of MSN Brief by Silver & George J Miller)

 1821 -  US made a treaty with the country of Spain agreeing to recognize MSN  property rights in such of those lands that at that time were recognized by Spain. Subsequently US made treaties with the independent MSN Nation, all of which were dishonored by US either by failure to act or by provoked wars. (See Buckskin Declaration)

 1839- Under the last treaty US made with MSN, the MSN was entitled to all of those lands as shown by the “Map of the Seat of War in Florida compiled by order of Brig. General Zachary Taylor, principally from the Surveys and Reconnaissance of the Officers of the U. S. Army by Capt. John MacKay and Lt. J. E. Blake” in 1839; as well as the lands due the MSN under various other treaties. (See Buckskin Declaration)

August 14, 1950.   Certain unnamed individuals purporting to represent “The Seminole Indians of the State of Florida” filed a Petition with the Indian Claims Commission for lands allegedly wrongfully taken by the United States and demanded damages for $50,000,000.00 Claims No. 73 and 73A (herein called the “Money Claim”)............................

 [1] Bob Reno,  “U.S. GETS ULTIMATUM FROM INDIANS, Settle Our Land Claims Now!” ,   THE MIAMI HERALD,  September 21, 1958,   p. 1F,  at  p.  3,  col. 3

[2] JOSHUA R. GIDDINGS,  THE EXILES OF FLORIDA, (Columbus, Ohio: Follett, Foster and Company, 1858),  p. vi

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