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Relationship to the Seminole
Relationship to the Miccosukee
1833 Map of Florida
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Scientific Accomplishments of Seafaring Chontal Maya
Ancient Trading / Current Colonization Routes (bearing ancestral and cultural
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    - Calusa Territory

    - Miccosukee Deity
(the feathered or winged serpent)
    - ILOPANGO - the language that I speak

Mayan Nation also spelled "Maya" and "Mayaimi" and also having been known, among others in and around Florida, as Calusa, Lower Creeks, Lower Talapuches, Seminoles or Wanders, Savanas or Joannis; Natchez and Chickasaws, Talasies, Tocopaaches Hudco-cayes; Sihilabes; Pakana Tahalaches, Crevales, Alaches, Ochiapos. Edomes, Mongulaskis; Oyccoskes, Yosata Ayufalaachos, Taskikia, Abecuchi, Nauatke or Tetuchina, Touchatchie, Otasie, Sougaatche, Cahuitas, Uchises, Stlecaasa, Echite, Cachita, Apalichicola, Uoloche, Chapeache, Ocone, Cuchiyaga, Usatastaneque, Chickasaw Mingo, Hitchiti, Yamacraw, YaFlint Rivers, Latchawie and Miccosukee (also spelled "Mickasukie"), Eelaponke, Eelapongo, etc., by and through its duly constituted governing body and tribal authority, THE GENERAL COUNCIL, now known as THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE MICCOSUKEE SEMINOLE NATION, in Florida Everglades Peninsula.

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